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Little Things


Why: Make people a little happier.

How: Regularly writing down gratitudes can increase personal happiness by 25%. 

What: Gratitude Journal to appreciate the little things in life (Webapp)


Step One: Basic Functions

  • Create profile (private vs. public?)
  • Write down 3-5 gratitudes per day (calendar/diary)
  • Get a daily reminder via Email (Fuel Happiness)
  • Have a timeline/stats

Step Two: Extended Functions

  • Choose happiness level + colour of the day
  • Share Happiness (Facebook)
  • Display worldtrendmap of happiness level + colours


  • The Instagram of Happiness
  • Integrate Quotes



Status: 7.6.2013

I have been working on my new app. I am at section 4 now. I have installed Pins, which I called Logs and created user associations and now i will be creating the "Pinterest Look".

Status: 9.6.2013

I have successfully added paperclip, jQuery and aws. I finished the course with endless scroll, etc.

Status: 11.6.2013

i am styling my app now the way I want it to be. I have taken out the picture functionality coz I don't want pictures but a color picker. Progress is slow. I haven't found out how to add 3 description fields in a log. I tried it but it didn't work. Do I need a description field id?

I found out how to add a description field into the logs. I used this very useful description for it. Now i have 3 fields that are going to be displayed in the correct way in every pin. Before it would only display the same field.

Status: 12.06.

After an afternoon of googling I finally found the code for random colours:

var colors = ["#FF52FF","#FFCCCC","#E6FFCC","#CCFFFF", "#FFFFCC"];
var rand = Math.floor(Math.random()*colors.length);
$(this).css("backgroundColor", colors[rand]);

I successfully added a logo in the header with:  <a class="brand" href="/"> <img src="" height: 20px width: 100px></a>

I like how my app evolves. Next up: How to add daily email reminders...will probably only take me a day of googling.


I have been trying to set up an automatic email reminder. but have only managed to do it half. with whenever. Still need to put in the if statemend dependent on reminder mail box in user profile.

I also added datetime and country & a reminder box. I have set up a domain and am pointing the name server there. This week I want to play around with bootstrap. Haven't quite figured out the different coding formats..

I now added a favicon:


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