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Little things that make big things happen.

  • 1 shot from above

    Keywords: Passionate, Motivated, Empowered
    The question and the answer both at the same photo. What makes me happy? Of course my project "Code it Like a Girl" that empowers women in the IT industry. Digging into our inner self one small question at a time can bring a huge difference in our mindset.

  • 1 including both hands

    Keywords: Gentle, Festive, Blissful
    I like to indulge myself in daily small pleasures such as having a cup of freshly brewed italian espresso, reading an inspiring book and enjoying the company of my best friend. I believe that these small habits prepare me so as to face the rest of my day in a good mood.

  • 1 of my head but not the face

    Keywords: Cocooning, Sedated, Introspective
    I am deeply attached to my books and generally to reading, so this portrait actually shows more of me than what it hides.

So, this is my attempt into creative self portrait! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Thank you very much for this wonderful course, it was the first time I attended a lesson on photography and I think it was a great smooth introduction for my next adventures in photography!


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