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Little mouse (2 week workshop)

June 1st; creating an idea and a mood board

I am a little late for the first dead line but I couldn't think fo the right animal to draw! But then I thought of drawing a little mouse. They can be so cute and the eyes and the ears give you fun options to play around with. 

The first photo definitely defines cute for me! 



June 5th Sketches 

I actually felt like changing the proportions in the drawing was kind of hard to do. It was like my brain just had one image and wouldn't let it go. 

I tried to do some anyway and these for were the best ones. I really like the one in the right bottom corner! 


(I made more than this but some just looked very sad...) 

In the end, I tried to do something like that for the final sketch. I am still thinking about maybe including the body and giving him a little tail? 


June 12th end project 

Firstly I tried to play around a little more with the different things Romica suggested. I think most of these look quite funny but in they end I stuck quite closely to the original design. 


I had fun with the painting process but I noticed I always mix a little less paint than I need. This resulted in quite a messy painting. 


Maybe I should have stopped here because it got messier when I started to try to include even more colours. 

I think my biggest problem with gouache is just that since it dries so fast that I can mix like I am used to with oils and acrylics. Thus creating realism can be a little hard. But when I let that go and instead went for cute illustration it did make me like the end result more. 


In the end, I like the head alone without te body. I think the silhouette of the head of a mouse is just very a nice form on its own. 

This was such a great class that I am thinking about indulging in some ew gouache paint to try out. I really love the illustrations people can make with gouache and maybe I just need some more practice. 


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