Little log cabin

Little log cabin - student project

Thank you so much for this wonderful class, it was enormously enjoyable. It's been 40 years since I’ve done any drawing; that was as a student when I read a module in technical drawing, I’d forgotten how much I’d liked it.  Nowadays, my eyesight isn't good enough to draw as I did in those days but thanks to technology and some wonderful digital drawing applications I’ve recently discovered I can zoom and enlarge sections to my hearts content and after this class, I think I’ll sta rt drawing again.


This exercise was completed in Procreate, however in keeping with the spirit of the class, I didn’t use fancy tools (still learning them, though I have found the delete function ), just fine liner simulator brushes.  I even stippled each and every individual dot of gravel!  There hasn’t been much effort put into the shrubbery, mainly became I don't know how to draw it, but I hope when I complete your class on drawing trees, I can start the process of addressing this inadequacy.  Shading too is an issue, I need to learn more on this and become much more observant.


Thank you again for such a great class; I'm looking forward to completing all the classes you have published—that’s going to take some time—and I'll be looking out for more to come. Any feedback would be much appreciated.