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Little criminal

Hello everyone!

This is my very first project here, and my first completed Skillshare class as well. I wanted to try to draw one of the character of my story, Mary,

As this is my very first time digitaly coloring something I thing I did ok (dispite how rubbish it looks like XD)

So the process:

After a bit of researchs; my refined sketch. 

(I prefere to draw on paper rather than in photoshop ^^')

The basic shapes in illustrator 

Filled with random colors

The flat colors in Photoshop

Strugle with 'shadows'

And the finish piece:

I had an amazing time following this class, Thank you very much for taking the time to teach us how to do! i think I am going to make more of it because it is so much fun!! 

I've learn so much! I still need help with where to put the shadows (because I can't see things in 3D in my mind; they're all flat T_T) but i'll learn eventually! 

Any comments and suggestions will be most helpful! Thank you for checking out my project. ^_^


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