Little bunny | Skillshare Projects

Natasha Chambers




Little bunny

I struggled with getting started on my sketches as couldn't think of anything original but once I got started I managed to get for possible designs sketched out, a bunny, a little Inuit girl, a cow and what started as a squirrel but ended up as a weird made up creature. 



My practice marks didn't go too well, especially the shading but I think my main problem there was patience. 


When it came to painting I chose the bunny to go with although I also traced the Inuit girl so I may paint her too. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 


I want to say thank you for doing this class. It's the first skillshare class I've done and I've loved it. I've wanted to work more with watercolour for a long time but struggled with traditional techniques and work a lot with coloured pencil instead but this has shown me a method that works with my style and I can't wait to practice lots more and get better at it! 


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