Little books

I had this sheet of heavy weight neon paper I drew on a while back and decided to use it for this project. It was 9x12, so I trimmed the edges to take away the areas where the pattern started (if that makes sense).


Then cut it in half. This is an Xacto paper cutter, by the way. 


I used this to make two notebooks, one stitched and one stapled. I goofed on each, but I'm still happy with them and ready to make about a thousand more.


My xacto knife is dull, but I couldn't wait for my Amazon shipment to get here before I started. 


For the stitched one, I used fishing line. Easy to use without a needle. 

I was distracted and trimmed a bit too much off the bottom. Next time: measure twice, cut once!


For the stapled one, I used the genius stapler/eraser tip, since all I have are two orange mini-staplers. Not sure how that happens.

So I also made another stapled notebook using Strathmore mixed media paper for the cover. I made a collage, and it was a bit on the thick side, but I think with some practice it could make for a cool little notebook.




Thanks so much for this class! I really enjoyed it.


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