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Little Witch

Edited: (( ))

The story starts with a little witch that lives safly in her home with her father. Her home is so safe that she could never posibly get hurt by anyone from the outside, (( but she believed her life to be boring, no matter how much her father tried to make it interesting. He played games, read stories, made art with her, but she still wanted something more. She wanted something diffrent, she wanted to BE something diffrent.)) 

(( The littlw witch believed that being a better witch would make her diffrent from everyone else. But witches where scary, and dangerous people, Her father would never want her near one because it wouldnt be safe. )) But all she wants to do is learn how to be a better witch, and she and her father both know thats only posible if shes with other witches. 

One day something special happend and a small group of witches spent a night near the little witch and her father's home. The little witch went to them and ask if she could join them. They finally agreed when she promised not to be a burden and to carry more then her fair share. 

By leaving her home she learned and exprience more things then she ever could have in a lifetime of living in her safe home with her father. She did indeed becaome a great witch and very powerful, and by this she not only created many friends but also many enemies. Though the little witch didnt mind this until it was to late to realize, she simply enjoyed the attention weither it be bad or good. 

Finally that attention brought on plots from a group of witches that where afraid and jealous of the little witch. Before the little witch could become the great and powerful witch she always wanted to be, her these other witches who called themselfs her friends step forth and put a curse on her.

Because of the choises she made and the ignorence of her youth she missed the signs of dangers, and now she is cursed to forever stay little. the "friends" turned her into a little doll, and dolls can not be powerful witches. So in the end she was cursed to watch all of the attention and power she acumulated over the years slowly disapear.

(( -Don't know what else to really say here besieds i hope you like it. I didn't have time to pretty it up with drawn side panels. This is actually kind of a prequle I guess to a compleatly diffrent story, but I liked the charature and thought it would be a nice change to create a story around her mistakes. I think the only lesson this story should tell you is that maybe sometimes its better to dream then to actually do. But sometimes if you never do then you can't expirence or understand why that fact is true.- ))

(( im adding a few test drawings just to have something to look at and to show some more work. ))


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