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Little Wing Odd Birds - Messenger Birds - New Etsy Shop - late 2016



I'm so glad I made time to view this course. I think some of the foundation type questions posed (about origin story and branding for example) will be key to moving forward with my shop. There is so much to learn when opening a shop...which is kind of one of the things I've been loving about it... it is easy to get caught up in all those little details and practical logistics. This course is great timing for me...bringing focus back around to the bigger picture and asking all the right questions for evaluation and re-evaluation of the decisions I've made so far.

As for my ah-ha moment, I feel it came in bits in pieces. I started making these birds last winter as gifts for family and friends...I like making handmade gifts ...for me its like sharing a little part of myself or my energy with the time and care I put in to making them. And simply knowing my loved ones have a little something that I made with them makes me feel more connected to them...and I hope it works in reverse too...that the little bird will "sing" my name and remind the recipient that I care about them every time they see it in their space. More than one person suggested I could sell them...eventually one thing led to another...and I decided to give it a go.

The idea of attaching a personal message to the birds on a leg band came a bit later...working with a customer to make a special gift for their god child, it came up as a way of making the bird more interactive and adding an element of surprise to the gift. And I felt it was a way to extend this idea of having an object that is a reminder of a connection between people not always together geographically...and that is why I now offer my customers the option of sending a personalised message via bird. With the personalised message that feeling of connection as a maker is transferred to my customer...and the bird now "sings" for them. I get a lot of reward out of the opportunity to help people feel connected in this way. Its a small gesture really...but I think its those little moments that add up and might make a decoration or bird sculpture more significant, meaningful and perhaps more lasting than a regular card?...that is my hope at least.

I'm still working on really defining my brand and its story and how best to present it.  I also need to work on identifying my target market a little more specifically...I feel like sitting with the questions in this course might move me closer to it.

Thanks again for the great course.


Jodie Jane

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