Little Victory Candle


A candle sits upon my work desk. Across its label it reads "Little Victories". It is a small candle, the size of a small mason jar. Its scent is called Cabin, and it fills the room with the most subtle aroma. It only overpowers your senses when you are close, but from far away it is perfect.The candle is made of all natural products, which I have yet to be convinced are well fit for a wax formula.  The little flame flickers and struggles to stay lit. The flame grows and grows as strong as it can for about twenty minutes until it reaches its potential and slowly dies. The wax does not melt away evenly, as its markings stain the side of the glass jar it is held in. The colour of the candle is bland, yet comforting. It reminds me of the colour of a latte on a cold morning. 


The name of the candle signifies that this small flame represents a spark in life. Though the flame is not strong in itself, it truly is a 'little victory' that it is able to even cause a spark. The candle came to me as a gift from a close friend of mine. They understood my passion for sustainability, and that I have a minimalist style. The candle sits perfectly on what is a considerably blank canvas for a work station, and compliments the basic colouring of the room. The fragrance brings the comfort of an old wood cabin, with hints of evergreen and rain. I light it every night, reflecting on what my 'little victory' of the day had been. Whether it was avoiding spilling coffee on myself or finishing a project, I value the time I have to pause and reflect over this weak little flame. Though it fails in function, it is charming.