Matt Carter




Little Tin Soldier

I completed Mary's First class and was pleased with the result but felt I didn't want to add any color, or texture you can see that project here.

So the idea for this project came to me whist in a club listening to a song I hadn't heard for a while. (I am way to old for clubs, this was a 20 year aniversary)

So a did a couple of sketches the next day and I have finally gotten around to doing something about it.

I then worked up a pencil version I was happy with.

The lyric is from the Small Faces song Tin Soldier, and was written as a love song. Having just had Christmas and seeing the Nutcracker from which the line originates I think the design will work well with colour and texture in the layout. I have split the design up into 4 drawings so I can layer them up with colour later.

So i have just scanned these, next stage will be to trace these in Illustrator and work on some textures.

So that the tracing done.

Now colouring the bits up in illustrator and having a play with colours.

Also did a couple of sheets of textures, tried some charcoal and some printing ink on a roller.

The design in photoshop before any texture.

I have used the printer roller texture as a layer mask to give the design a printed texture, I am pretty happy with the results. Let me know what you think.


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