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Little Red Notebook

This is a fun and enjoyable course to follow, and I like the fact that I have something tangible to show for by the end of the project. I could really see myself giving these pocket notebooks to friends as gifts. ^^

So I happened to have a piece of smaller red craft paper lying around, which happens to have a good texture and right thickness for my notebook cover. For the pages inside, I used recycled resume paper which also has a texture to it but with good quality. 


I pined 2 extra holes on the spine just as an experiment to see what look it would create. I like the outcome, but it did give me some hard time as it required a little more back and forth with the thread. 



I also drew a little pattern after cleaning up, and here it is! My first handmade pocket notebook. :)



(The thread didn't line up very well. ;\ Maybe next time I will make it better :))

-Ivy Yu


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