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Lauren Heffron

Graphic Designer + Lover of Lettering



Little Rascals Inspired Quote

I've been wanting to add greeting cards to my etsy shop and have been playing around with playful quotes/sayings to feature.  

For this project I decided to do "You make me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of july" -- it's inspired by Little Rascals when Darla is reminiscing about how Alfalfa's singing makes her feel. Since I was a kid it's been a quote that makes me laugh.

I typically use the pen tool to create vector versions of my lettering. For this project I am interested in following with Sean's methods in order to hold onto the imperfections and hand-lettered feel, yet make it polished and clean.

I started with many several rounds of pencil sketches on tracing paper, then picked out the parts that worked best for the layout I had in mind. I layered the tracing paper to 'fit' the pieces together and traced over the final sketches with micron pens. 

Below is the scanned image without adjustments. 

In the next round I plan on adjusting the layout to even out the lines and the heights/angles of some of the letters.


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