Little Rainbow

Little Rainbow - student project

I was very excited to start the little rainbow. So excited that I ended up making three. :D

My process was exactly as I have explained in the class. First I always have a look at some inspiration. In this case, Pinterest. I try to look for new ideas where someone has done something different with the punch needle technique. Like these examples here:

Little Rainbow - image 1 - student project
From left to right: Micah Clasper-Torch, Pumora embroidery, Homeday Studio


Then I drew the template and transferred it onto the monk's cloth.

Little Rainbow - image 2 - student project


The most fun part was the punching, of course.

Little Rainbow - image 3 - student project



And finally, I ended up with three finished pieces. The pastel one that I made with you, ended up in my daughter's room.

Little Rainbow - image 4 - student project


I'd love to see what you made and hear where your project found a home. :) 

Jenni Ahlberg
Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer