Little Partner in crime

Little Partner  in crime  - student project

So, this is Joan (I named it like that)

Little Partner  in crime  - image 1 - student project

Joan is  a succulent plant,  commonly known as Jade tree.

And It has been with me like by a year now, maybe one and half.

Usually I water it twice a week, but more than that I use to observe the leaves. I think this is also really important to know if Joan is healthy, normally the leaves look really green, and tight. Full of water, full of life.

In all this time I've observed that the more I water it, the more it grows... But.. I don't like this that much, because it leaves  really big spaces between the leaves.  
And I would prefer to have the leaves closer, so twice a week has seem the perfect balance. 

Joan, is situaded in my studio, beside the window, so, it never has sun directly, but, always has light.

Joan, makes me happy, and is my partner in crime (:

Diana Vázquez
There's still a lot to learn