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Little Mermaid "vintage" poster

Hi! I've been using Illustrator for a while but always like to try different classes and learn new things or discover tricks I hadn't done before. I love the assigment so I thought I'd give it a whirl. My daughter LOVES The Little Mermaid and I love the artwork in this poster so I will start working on this poster and see where it takes me. :)


So here is my initial stab at constructing Ariels body. Having a little trouble getting her mouth right, but I think this will do. Next I will do the shapes of the aquatic friends and get them placed on the poster. I'm pretty happy so far with what I have. I need to work on the coloring soon though. I think it's too light. 

Here is a little more with a darkened Ariel and some fish. I had gotten a few fish done (forgot to save) and lost my progress.) LOL Oh I never learn!!! Anyway I did a few more fish and will stop for tonight. Coming along nicely I think. 


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