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Judy Sorenson




Little Lovely and Father! Poster

I decided to do "Little Lovely" for my project because I thought it was a nice little phrase that could stand on its own or be an actual company name (maybe for baby clothes or something).

So here's the initial sketch with a little ground work (sorry its so dark):



Which then became this...


Which I liked, especially maybe as an art piece (like a print), but it seemed too complex for a logo. So I simplified it to this:


Then did some color and worked on the shading:


And finally added a black background and made the letters thicker for extra pop:


After reviewing this again, I thought it felt too was supposed to be lovely, after all! So I did a different background / 3D effect...


I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any feedback!

Also, as a bonus I made a poster (which I actually posted as my project initially)...I know this isn't exactly a logo per say, but I wanted to do something special for my dad for Father's Day and I figured a lettered poster was another opportunity to practice the things I learned in this class. 

I first started with a sketch (and a very rough one at that): 


Then I just started with the letters I knew would be the hardest to draw (the most tedious):


Then I threw in the outlines of nearly the whole piece, drew the geometric sans serif letters, and got to this point:


Things were obviously still pretty rough, but taking shape. I fixed up the "Father" word and added a bit more rough detail:


Then it was time to face the "Holier" word, which really intimidated me as I've never done a pseudo-blackletter before. But it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! It's not winning any awards for perfection, but I was pretty satisfied with the outline.


Then I started to fill things in...I was already working on the "holier" word, so I started there, and added more side embellishments:


Then I drew a few scrolls to put behind the "holier" word (I ended up using a tweaked version of the top scroll):


And after that, I pretty much just filled in the blanks—I added a background, drew more scrolls and finished the border, did a little illustrating to make the word "God" feel a little more interesting, applied the shading technique we learned in class to the "Father" word, applied color, and added any other little finishing touches I thought might help. I decided there was no way I was drawing out his full last name, so unfortunately William Wordsworth has to go by William W. ;)


And done! In retrospect, I wish I would have done a smoother shading effect on the "Father" word, but I think I'll leave this as is for now. 

Thanks so much for viewing my projects! Please let me know your thoughts! Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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