Little Lights

Little Lights - student project


This is my idea for a shirt inspired by the shirts you recieve at summer camp. Most of my inspiration comes from the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Just some quick sketches, but I've been dwelling on this idea for a while and wanted to get it out there. Let me know what you think!

Little Lights - image 1 - student project


Hey! My name is Jordan Armstrong.

I was recently hired as a Creative Assistant by a lifestlye clothing brand called DeadBuryDead. You can check us out here:

From this brand, we've created a childrens brand called Little Lights. We are trying to get a few more designs finished, so we can launch the line this summer.

Little Lights - image 2 - student project

Little Lights - image 3 - student project

Little Lights - image 4 - student project

Our goal is to make cool kids clothes that have a meaning and purpose behind them, rather then the garbage they sell at Target. Obviously, when making kids clothing, you're designing more for the parent than you are the kid, so it can be kind of tricky to find a healthy balance of cuteness for parents and coolness for the kids.

I'm hoping to use this class to help create and refine a new design for Little Lights. 

Looking forward to working with you guys!