Myra Mireya

Lettering and Watercolor Artist



Little Lemonade Studio

So here is my design. I really love this design and worked with repainting it but the paper had a rough texture and colors Iwas to0 dark.



I am thinking pink, yellow and the aqua colors at the bottom.


I painted this, as this is what my art is all about. I like the look and feel of this but I wanted to paint it neater. The paper had a rough texture that was very hard to paint. This is a packaging from a yogurt box. I want the color to be different...don't like the swamp looking green here. I do want a kraft maybe or a recycled paper. 


I am done with this for now....I will go back to it later.

This is my latest


I love this color scheme and believe it represents my brand well and appeals to all audiences. I do need to redo it a few humdrend more times. LOL

I appreciate your feedback


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