Myra Mireya

Lettering and Watercolor Artist



Little Lemonade Studio

I started this project for another class and as part of a 30-day challenge. I have been learning hand lettering and an continuing to work.

This is my logo


I painted thi and will work on a business card idea and layout for this class.


I need to work on the goal was to just practice painting.

Words that descrobe me: smart, sweet, kind, compasionate, affectionate, emotional, diplomatic, shy, quite, eay soft spoken tone, introvert but I do love poeple. I love animals, natutre and anyting crative.

I love working with my hands and am a true creative: building leggos, drawing, cooking even though I need skills

Little lemonade studio is a voice for my art that is all about nurturing the hopes and dreams of children of any age really.

My mission is to nuture the hopes and dreams of children-of any area really.

Slogan is refreshing.

I wam currently revising a picutre book, redoing my shpo.

I hadletter and paint using my favorite watercolors.

I will post my business card idea here when I am done.


A ccouple of samples and my newer addition of my logo. I am still in planning and practicing but this is where I am headed.

Here is my blog if you want to know more. I am redoing my blog too.


This is a packaging to a yogurt box and I thought I would hand paint my card as this is what I do with my art. I planned to use a difference bright pink or aqua blue but the paper was dark and hard to work with. This is the backside and there was a rough texture on it that was hard to paint neatly.

I redrew the logo and added the colors I wanted. The dots seem like a red but they are a pink. I thought it would be cute to create a business card like an invitation to a lemonade stand party. I initially want people to resonate with my brand and have so many ideas for this brand. I also think that I should be offer my name. I want to seem personal and I am telling my story after all. Any thoughts would be great!



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