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Little Gem Logo

For this project I wanted to finally come up with a logo for myself and the little company that I started – Little Gem Studios. Here are just a couple of the sketches that I started from (excuse the terrible iPhone photos)

I have a million more that I'll upload later as well as the inked version. Anyway, the one on the right is the one that I decided to work with.

I need to go back and rescan the inked version that I used but here are the digital versions that I'm playing with.

some of my lines ended up being too wobbly, so I ended up retracing everything with the pen tool, but I think I really need to go back and work on the inked versions some more, because these traced versions still seem a little too clean to me, they're missing the ink quality that I like so much. But I love the shape of the G, so I think I might end up going for something more like the version on the right....


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