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Tina Ogren

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Little Frog in the Pastures of Heaven

Step one.  Selecting Your Text:

I am using John Steinbeck's "The Pastures Of Heaven" for three basic reasons: 1) Last summer I visited Salinas and toured the Steinbeck Museum and his childhood home,  2) I have intimate knowledge of and adore the setting of central California, and 3) I am fascinated by the themes of his work which will define my focus... and well, it's Steinbeck!

Step two.  Screenplay:

Step three.  Logline:

A grotesquely deformed and mentally disabled, savant farm boy is forced to attend school where a determinded teacher discovers his extraordinary artistic gifts, along with an avenging violence beyond his control.

  • "The ancient commission of the writer has not changed. He is charged with exposing our many grievous faults and failures, with dredging up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams...." -- John Steinbeck


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