Little Fox

Little Fox - student project

First attempt at watercolors! I loved the process, and especially the way Cat is teaching. Clear, easy and the result is satisfying. 

I normally work with acrylics and this is so different! Also different from the way I used to use gouache years ago. 

I will be using watercolors more and creating different projects, already have several ideas. This is a great start! Thanks Cat!Little Fox - image 1 - student project


After the first painting I made another, bigger one, a couple weeks later. Worked on landscape,  trees and foliage as well. 

Little Fox - image 2 - student project

Then now, 5 months later, in the light of the 'Make and Sell Watercolor Art: From Painting to Products' workshop, I made two more; one 'Avocados' and another 'Foliage' one. At first all I could see were the imperfections, but I think I like them! I will be painting more. Really like the style, Cat! 

Little Fox - image 3 - student project

Little Fox - image 4 - student project


Claude C

Acrylics and watercolor artist