Little Fluffy Monster

Little Fluffy Monster - student project

Hello, I am Maura Moffat. This is a little guy that I made in English class a few years back, and he has been practically begging for more attention. He is a little mix of canine, dragon, bird, and... cow? Something with cloven hooves anyway. I don't know what he will look like pose-wise but I think he will be taking off of something...

Little Fluffy Monster - image 1 - student project

 Here is the general idea. I like the way canary wings look in flight, so that is what the wings are based on, but the colors are still kind of vague. I can't wait to get started on it!

I have now started. I don't have proper wires, base, or clay. I am too poor right now and my brother who is always on the computer is at camp and I need to take advantage of my time!  But I can experiment, take notes and when I have enough money to get the right materials I can do it better.

Little Fluffy Monster - image 2 - student project

Sorry for the bad photo, here is my posed base and armature. The wires are all paper clips and random middle gague wires that I salvaged from ramdom places. I was able to twist the longest of the random wires and add another paper clip to the end. His wings are a bit short but after I finished it I thought it looked better that way. Ha hah, he looks like a bird right now.

Little Fluffy Monster - image 3 - student project

Here is the tree in the 'apoxie' stage. Again, I have no way to get any real supplies (I am hopimg that will change after second semester of school but I will see...) so I used some air dry clay that I like to use on occasion.

Little Fluffy Monster - image 4 - student project

And here is the basic form of the clay. I haven't been able to get back to him for a while, so he's just been standing on his tree for a bout two weeks now so I know that it won't fall over or collapse.

Little Fluffy Monster - image 5 - student project

Sorry for the long absence, I took this to school to work on it and it took a while to get it back home where I had access to a real camera. And sorry for the really bad quality on the top two pictures, and the weird composition of the finished version, but it was fun to wok on! Oh, and the thing now has a name: Doodle.

On the top left is the unpainted version of Doodle, and the base is coat on the right. The original plan was to keep him/her all neutral colors with only some desaturated colors splashed in, and the wing tips bright yellow, but as I was painting it just blended into the tree too well. Not ot mention I had a day where I just needed some real color, so that is why the tail is so bright and the nose remained pink.

I want some last minute critique before I spray it. I already see some  minor things that I could fix, like the eye lashes, one is long than the other. How should I go about doing that?