Little Elemental Guardian

Little Elemental Guardian - student project

I loved the process to create a balanced colour palette for this project. I adapted the process and end illustration to my style and subject matter, so a created a little kid dressed as an elemental superhero (sort of).

I'm more confident with the pencil sketching, so I used a lightbox for the iterations. The inking is digital.

Little Elemental Guardian - image 1 - student project

I normally like working with flat colours, I add shadows but very rarely highlights, so I used them to make the details, which I quite liked. I normally handpick values of the base colours (or Pantone references) for the shades and highlights, so it was very helpful to learn a new (more consistent) way of determining the colour values. Loved it! Hope you like my little flower superhero!

Little Elemental Guardian - image 2 - student project

Natàlia Juan Abelló
Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer