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Maureen Bales

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Little Darling pal of mine

I chose the phrase "Little Darling, pal of mine" from the old folk song, made popular by The Carter Family. We sing it to our daughter a lot lately, and I thought I'd make a little design of it for her room. 

For inspiration I went to album covers for The Carter Family, drawing this iconic typeface for the word Darling:


I also liked the color of the guitar and with the think white outline. Kept that.

A quick image search for chickadees (my daughter's nickname), yielded this painting 


Loved the dogwood. Decided to incorporate that.

Lastly I needed another font from the 1930s. Another image search got me this one, which I love.


Here it is! This was a fun process.  I ended up doing this all by hand, including just inking and painting all on the same page. Didn't scan and work on it digitally, but I think that would be a good next step. I'm feeling pretty pleased with it for a first hand lettering project!



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