Little Boroughs Around Balboa Park, San Diego

Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places?

I'm creating this map for fun. Since we've moved to San Diego, we've fallen in love with all the little "boroughs" around Balboa Park in San Diego. We love sharing it with all our family and friends that come and visit. Sometimes, our favorite places are so small that we forget about them. I'd like to create a little map that we can reference, add to, and smile at the memories that have been made (and keep making) at each of the different areas.

Why am I the expert to create this map?

We've been living in San Diego for 5 years. I would not consider myself an expert but my goal is to become an expert!

Who is my target audience?

My family, friends and myself!

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? 

I'd like my final project to be printed. This way I can take it with me and look at the whole of it wherever I go.

What level of detail do I need to include? 

I want to include the name of my favorite restaurants, stores, coffee shops, parks, structures, scupltures, murals, garden or bench. I think I'm going to use color to show the different little boroughs.

I welcome any all all input from my classmates. As I develop my project, I'd love to hear how others perceive my project. I'm hear to learn and be inspired from you! 

Here are a few of my hand drawn maps as practice. Pretty rough stuff.

imaginary city

Final-ish Project

I constructed my final project out of the names of the places that I like each color is a different neighborhood. If I had more time, I would have been more creative and somehow lined up the names onto streets or marked stars of the actual locations of the images. But I also like that this is a good conversation piece for when family or friends come to San Diego to visit. If we're not sure where to tak them, this can help us jog our memory of some of our favorite places. I really wanted the map to be color coded so that you can really get a feel for where each area is located around the park. When people visit, they get so turned around because of all the freeways and overpasses that converge right downtown. This is a good view of where everything is in relation to each other.  Our lives really centers around all of these neighborhoods and I wanted to share the neighborhoods as well as some of the great restaraunts, cafes, parks, shops, yoga studios, bars, art galleries and more. 

Let me know your thoughts and any ideas you'd like to share on how else I can do to improve on this. 


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