Little Blossom Honey

Little Blossom Honey - student project


Little Blossom Honey - image 1 - student project

I started compiling images for my mood board without quite knowing what kind of product I wanted to design for. After finding that I was drawn mostly to food related products I decided to do a label for wildflower honey. Not only am I a honey fiend (on toast, bagels, cheese, in tea, EVERYTHING) but I feel a label for honey would fit a few stylistic choices I am drawn to:

-a femine style similar to the vintage labels at the top of my mood board - something with a nod to wildflowers, either in a pattern or some sort of illustrated frame.

-simplistic hand lettering similar to the items near the bottom of my mood board. As I am a freelance illustrator trying to get work involving hand lettering this will be a great way for me to work on my portfolio while I learn some new things.

I'm not quite sure if these elements will indeed work together, but that's what taking a class and learning is all about!

(p.s. the name is totally made up! I was trying to think of something to call my product when the Simon & Garfunkel song I was listening to just happened to mention a "little blossom". B is not my favorite letter to illustrate so this will provide a nice challenge.)


Little Blossom Honey - image 2 - student project

I did a lot of sketching and thinking, and came up with three sketches. Ideally I'd like to use elements of hand drawn lettering, some sort of flower/leaf imagery, and a honeycomb geometric design. Most designs I liked the most have some sort of die cut label and a combination of a hand drawn type with a geometric honeycomb design.

Little Blossom Honey - image 3 - student project

I also worked a lot on lettering, here are some examples!

Little Blossom Honey - image 4 - student project

Eventually I settled on this design - a paper band with a subtle honeycomb and a die cut sticker placed on top. Here's a drawn mockup I made so I could picture what it might look like on a bottle.

Little Blossom Honey - image 5 - student project

Emma Trithart
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