Little Black Crow

Little Black Crow - student project

I am the owner of Little Black Crow Studio, a small creative business with an established clientèle.

My first business card though popular, I felt needed a refresh and perhaps re branding.

Little Black Crow - image 1 - student project

After many hours of brainstorming possible variations on my crow logo, and asking my clients to comment on the designs, it was obvious that the original crow was going to stay.

The current logo already resonates with my customers, however I feel it could do with a refresh.

Little Black Crow - image 2 - student project


Little Black Crow - image 3 - student project


SOLUTION: The solution was to maintain the existing logo and to use typography to add to the story of the business, limiting the text to only the important information and not describing everything I do.

I chose a grungy letterpress style typeface that was in keeping with the line work of the logo, and designed a model sheet for the little black crow character.
The branding is consistent but provides personality and enough flexibility to be used across a wide range of assets.