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Little Bitty Icon Brushes

I apoligize from the start for being such a newbie on this project. I hope that I am approaching things in the right way. The videos, sets of instructions, and documents are just great for this class so I'm sure I should be able to come up with some brushes in the end. My approach is just a bit disorganized right now due to the fact that I'm such a Photoshop/Illustrator beginner.

I've decided to create a few Photoshop brushes using marker stamps and stickers from my childhood (that I still have by some miracle). I'm still working out how my chosen stamps and stickers are going work in the end but I at least now I have some scans to work with.

I don't plan on selling this set of brushes due to the stickers, and markers for that matter too, being covered by a "copyright" law of some kind. I was just having trouble getting started with the project so I went with the little icons approach. I'm excited to see how this project will turn out and I look forward to learning about how to make neat brushes from my scans. 

Here is my Pinterest board for this project.

Here are some additional scans so far:


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