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Little Bird - Diamond & Engagement Ring Experts

a bird's eye view...
We are Lia and Danielle, Engagement Ring Experts. How does it work? You call or email us when you or your partner needs personalized advice on engagement and wedding ring selection.  Our services are tailored to each individual's needs. Whether you have something picked out and are on the verge of finalizing a purchase, or you are at the very beginning of the selection process, we are happy to provide guidance. Location is never an obstacle, and much of our advice is on the house.

Rare Birds
What makes us so unique in this industry? Diamonds are a science, but engagement rings are an art. Many facets of the diamond world are daunting in their complexity and the stakes can get pretty high emotionally and financially when you are searching for perfection. We hover at the intersection between sales expert, gemologist, psychologist, designer, romantic and local guide, so we are qualified to take you down any path you want to explore. With us on your team you have the security of knowing that we are with you from pencil sketch to google search to jewelry counter and beyond. We are there until you get to "I do." There are other experts in each of these fields, but none that have a bird's eye view of all of them.

Unaffiliated + Independent
We are here to educate you about everything from the basics to the details as well as all the things you never knew you didn’t know. We are not motivated by  commissions or quotas. Our paramount goal is to lead you to the perfect engagement ring for your taste, lifestyle, and price range. It's practical, thoughtful guidance - from two educated women who know what's up.

Experienced + Industry Savvy
Little Bird magic happens when a gem nerd and a jewelry jockey team up. Our extensive diamond and colored gemstone knowledge, custom design experience, fine jewelry sales experience, antique and estate jewelry expertise, and just plain great taste are all at your disposal. We can translate the scientific language of gemologists and help navigate the dark, cold waters of the fine jewelry retail scene. In addition, we have a vast and vital network of professionals and friends within every branch of the jewelry industry. Our creativity and enthusiasm for the start-to-finish process transcends any single jewelry counter experience.

Personalized + One-on-One
You’ll have your own main contact person, plus the added benefit of knowing there are two experts on your team. We coordinate to ensure we are offering you the soundest guidance and most creative insights. We walk you through the entire process step by step so that you feel comfortable and informed about every decision you make. We educate, shop, design, and navigate with you the entire way. You are welcome to decide what kind of help you need and when you need it. We are on your team.

Stealth Mode
If you're searching in secret, we will help you keep the process under wraps. Email subjects will never be "Your Girlfriend's Diamond Engagement Ring" or include obvious jewelry references. Phone calls will be prearranged based on your schedule.



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