Little Bee | Skillshare Projects

Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



Little Bee

I drew my sketch, using the technique described in the class, and gave it a gray background.


I created my color flats on separate layers:  yellow, gray and white.


I added highlights and shadows.  I imagined that my light source was coming directly from the front.  I may have over done it a bit!  He's a very shiny bee!  I added some texture with a brush called "Noise" from Kyle's Ultimate Brush Pack.  I colored the outlines.  I think I should have gone lighter on the wing outlines - but I was worried they'd just disappear! 


I took a photo of a rose with my iPhone and used it as the background.  Now that I see the wings against this background, I think a lighter outline color would have been better. 


I really enjoyed using the coloring method taught in this class!  I can't wait to play around some more and improve my skills! 

After some awesome feedback from Noel (Thank you so much!!!)  I have decreased the opacity of the white wing layer (to 75%) and slightly lightened the outer lines of the wings.  I love the effect of being able to slightly see the background through the wings! 



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