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List of Ten and Clustering

So sorry I'm late to the party.

List of Ten

Clown Names

1. Bozo

2. Pennywise

3. Mr Giggles

4. Rainbow

5. Sparkles

6. Bubbles

7. Sunshine

8. Bobo

9. Pati Cakes

10. Freckles

We tried to hide in plain site on the bench under the shade tree. I glanced over at Scott who’s frozen each time the creepy painted face looked our way. As if that would keep us safe, like a T-Rex unable to detect us if we’re perfectly still. Whitney let out a deep breath when it moved onto another group of adults on the other side of the park.


I’m not sure when my fear of clowns really started. Was it Tim Curry’s frightening portrayal of It’s Pennywise? Wait, why was I allowed to watch that movie when I was just a kid? Who was in charge of me that weekend? Bad parenting if you ask me. Where clowns always creepy? Never trust anyone who wears that much makeup. Especially if that’s how they make their living.


“This is your kids birthday,” Scott piped up to Whitney, “why are you hiding with us?”


“Guy give me the hebby gebbies,” she said with an overly dramatic shiver.


“So, wait, why did you hire I clown then?” I antagonize.


“It’s what Jake wanted.”


Jake was obviously too young to understand that clowns are evil and only want to steal your soul. Poor kid never had a chance.


The three of us look up and red haired freak is staring down at us trying to shove a balloon animal in my face. I jump and let out a little shriek. I took the latex dog and squish it between my hands until it pops.


“Really, Lady?” he says in his deep smokers voice as turns to walk back to the kids.


Whitney and Scott nearly fall over with laughter.


“I hate you guys.”




                   must have                     Work                              Waffles

                                       \                         |                           /

                                    Habit  -              Coffee      -  Breakfast                                                        

                                                                   |                       \

                                                   Hangover                           Cereal

                                                  /                 \

                                        Party               Wine


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