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List of Ten and Clustering


  • Periwinkle*
  • Magenta
  • Mahongany
  • Mint Green
  • Scarlet
  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Tangerine
  • Violet

"What color do you think this is?"

Molly: Wait, what color is this?

Jeff: It's like, light blue or something. Pale blue maybe?

Molly: No, there's a specific name for it. I can't think of it. I keep thinking it's the name of a Barney character.

Jeff: It's definitely not a Barney character. You are thinking of like, Blue's Clues or something. The only slightly memorable character on Barney was named "BJ". While humorous, he wasn't a color.

Molly: BJ. Right. I actually think it was CJ. (Shakes her head). But anyway, you are right, he wasn't a color. And if anything he was yellow. Fuck, why can't I think of this color? I know it's going to be a dumb fucking name.

Jeff: (Turning his head to address fictional audience) What color do you think this is?

Molly: Jeff. Who are you talking to??

Jeff: (Caught off guard) What? Oh. No one.

Jeff gives knowing side glance to fictional audience

Molly: Let's ask Carlos. He paints, right? Maybe he knows.

Jeff: (Raising an eyebrow) Mol, English isn't his first language. He's not going to know.

Carlos, Jeff and Molly's roommate walks into the living room to grab his backpack.

Carlos: (In a thick Spanish accent) Hey guise, how's it going, eh?

Molly: Carlos, hey! What's up, Jeff and I were just talking about you. Maybe you can help. What fucking color is this? It is driving us nuts.

Carlos: Oh, theese color? Is like, peddiwinkle, I sink.

All three of them look to the fictional audience.



"And I Become Quite Serious When it Comes to Coffee"

I toss and turn beneath my covers, silently cursing my alarm clock, and all but one thought enters my mind as I at last concede to the increasinly brighter light entering my bedroom windows, that sweet, yet evil time that exists between every sunrise and every sunset, more commonly referred to by most normal people as "day": coffee. As I begrudingly accept the fact that I will be totally and completely awake within the next twenty minutes, the thought of that brief but beautiful moment when I close my eyes and take my very first sip is just about all that persuades me into consciousness.

I half-heartedly make conversation with whoever-the-fuck-that-lady-is-who-always-makes-my-coffee-but-can't-remember-my-order and I imagine a world where you can put people on "mute" until you are absolutely ready to deal with them (which may or may not be ever). As she slowly but surely (emphasis on the slowly) rings me up,  I am torn between flashing a very big (but very fake smile) and giving her a death stare. I compromise with myself by doing both simulataneously which sort of makes me look like I am wincing in pain, but maybe liking it. Whatever it is, it did the trick, because she quickly lost interest in our pointless conversation and gave me my change.

My thirst is now sated and I emerge into my world for one more day, my thoughts beginning to rise and bubble from the caffeinated fuel my brain cannot function without.


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