Lisa in Australia (Week 1&2)

Week ONE (Intro to Composition) Got there finally!!

1.  Wind

Foreground: the rock poking up in the bottum...I felt it added great scale and depth, middle ground: the kite surfers and background: the ocean and sky. The back and middle ground arent very distinctive and may not be the best example. The horizon is located on the top 1/3rd line.


Foreground: the fisherman

Middle ground: the ships

Background: the other ships..

The foreground/focus of my image, the fisherman, I dont think is large enough to demand attention compared to the pirate looking ship behind him. Needed better framing?

3.Hosier Lane

Ok this one I'm proud of :) Checking out Hosier Lane in Melbourne will some friends of mine. Total fluke capturing them all checking out the graffiti at the same time. But I love how the street narrows and makes them the focus, also with the cool old stairs in the background. Only a few weeks beforehand this small lane was completly painted over in the pale blue (a new blank canvas)...didnt take long for new graffiti art to take over!

Foreground: My friends

Middle ground: The graffiti walls

Background: the stair case 

4. Through the window.

Flying from Perth-Melbourne. A frame within a frame! Very cliche...

Foreground: The plane window

Middle ground: plane wing (could also be the foreground?)

Background: the coastline/sky

5. Hosier Lane 2.0

Ok another one from this cool street. with a more obvious foreground subject (my friends) compared to the last version. Except on an angle, so that the end of the street takes up the right 1/3rd of the scene.

Week TWO (Geometry and Lines)

Ive skipped week 1 but will come back to that, I promise! I found images that depict lines and geometry easier to capture. So heres 5 of my favourites.

1. The squeaky toy

This is our family dog, Holly. Any toy we give her invariably gets destroyed within minutes to hours and this time was no different....poor squeaky miscellaneous animal! This is an attempt at an abstract diagonal line, created by her body.

2.  Dried up swamp

This walkway used to lead over a swamp lands but summer has all but dried that up. This image is full of lines, the shadows and railings lead you down the walkway until they disappear at the bend and the many vertical lines of the trees. I decided to make it black and white to highlight the shadows and the view down the walkway...and because the original was mostly different shades of brown and grey.

3. Strings

I was looking around the house for things to shoot. Again very literal lines, of the strings and frets.

4. Fremantle Beach

Another bridge but this ones a little simpler. I like how symmetrical the sides are (ignoring the top where the railings meet the edge of the frame :S) and how the shadow is right in the middle and is a leading line to the beach at the end, which is admittedly hard to see.

5. The Boathouse

This is probably one of the most photographed places in Perth, Australia but I wanted to try a square shot with the path right in the middle as a leading line to the house perched on the water. This was taken on an iphone and edited with Snapseed...hence the 'vintage' filter which I'm quite a fan off. I also tried to frame the image with the railings on either side leading to the bridge. 


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