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Lisa Travis | Pattern Design Portfolio


Hello fellow Skillshare students, my name is Lisa Travis. I am an artist and designer, my primary areas of focus are painting and mixed media. I plan to move into art licencing which is why I enrolled in Bonnie Christine's series of classes. I need pointers on how to further refine my skills and how best to present my portfolio to future clients.


For the past 6 months I have been developing patterns for my portfolio. Not collections, just single, centerpiece patterns. While doing so I have found my preferred subjects/themes and ways of developing patterns but I have woefully ignored the concept of develping full collections. For this reason I was dreading this final assignment.My fear was that the work would look schizophrenic once it was gathered together in one place. That being said, I did not want to avoid the process of creating a presentation package. As much as I have been resisting it, I know it had to be done if only to illustrate areas that need further development. My challenge: How best to showcase a variety of single patterns.



I divided my patterns by theme, and began byblocking out the pages. As to not overwhelm myself and miss the deadline, I kept the layout fairly basic, did not deviate much from the examples shown during the videos and I used several of the product mock-ups Bonnie provided.

Portfolio: Ready for Print!

Here is the portfolio in its final state, ready to be printed and bound:



Now for close-ups of several pages:





In Conclusion:

This project brought to light something I have known (and have been avoiding) for the past 2-3 months, I need to create full collections! As difficult as this assignment was, finishing the portfolio has taken a weight of my shoulder. It feels good to have a concrete vision of my work in total. The work does not look as haphazard as I had originally feared. I need to spend time developing coordinates to go with the patterns I have finished to date rather than creating more stand-alone pieces. Thank you for helping me face my creative demons!


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