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Lisa Mackay Design

I am working on sort of a catch-all logo for my name.  I do some graphic design, some interior design, some styling, and some marketing.  As much as I try to focus down to one, I have to take the work where I get it!  But design is definitely where I want to go.  Rather than have different names and logos for every invoice I send, I want to have one defining wordmark using my name.  

I love to use circles and smooth lines in all my work, I like that they convey a warm, open, friendly vibe.  My work is pretty safe - nothing wild or cutting edge - but stylish - relaxed, classic and timeless (or so I hope!).  

I am having a hard time balancing between something too traditional and stuff and too hipster and trendy.

I have done a few sketches, although they aren't really working for me.  Maybe I'll throw together a mood board as well.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions! :)



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