Lisa Dolson Editoral Idiom

Lisa Dolson Editoral Idiom - student project

Here is my go at a quick image that reflects the Idiom, 'Tune out'. 

I try to tune out from the voices in my head that tell me that my drawing isn't great, that it isn't going the way I imagined. Instead I try to tune them out and let go and just have fun with my art. I find it very relaxing to put on some music and start to draw or paint. It is my happy place. 


So here is my attempt at a quick illustration that reflects the idiom 'Tune out'. 

I really enjoyed this class, it reminded me that working in the editorial environment can be very quick. I haven't done this kind of project in a short time frame since I was in college. 

Lisa Dolson Editoral Idiom - image 1 - student project

I really enjoyed this class- thank you Mikey. I hope to create more illustrations using this technique.

I created the cassette drawing using a pencil on various layers of tracing paper (as I don't have an iPad) I think scanned them into my Mac and used Adobe Illustrator to add colour and layer up the sketches. I hand drew the letting in a black pen and then scanned them in. I found restricting my materials and using a simplified method really helped with the overall look of my artwork. I hope you like it. 

Cheers, Lisa x

Lisa Dolson
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