Liquid Text & Punk Cat Strut

Liquid Text & Punk Cat Strut - student project

For my Liquid Text Animation I chose to do my instagram username, mvoart, for the assignment. I found a font I liked off of, being careful to choose one that is categorized as 100% free, just in case I ever choose to use this animation for branding my art. The font I chose is called Open Heart, but I traced over it to get letter shapes I liked better.

I did the animation in Krita using the Ink-3 G pen for the animated text and the Digital Artelier brush set to add water color texture.

I originally did the animation in black, but then added color by doing a Screen layer over my black animated text.
Liquid Text & Punk Cat Strut - image 1 - student project

Instead of animating a waving flag, I chose to animate the tail for my punk cat character, since I had already decided to use her for my final assignment and I needed to sketch out her design anyways. This was animated mostly on 2's with some 1's in the middle for the faster tail movement.

I used a variety of brushes from Krita's Sketch Brush Presets.

Liquid Text & Punk Cat Strut - image 2 - student project

And for my final assignment I animated a walk cycle from my punk cat. She is animated on 2's for all of her body movement except for her tail which is animated on 1's.

Liquid Text & Punk Cat Strut - image 3 - student project