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Lion Rouge - Red Lion Holy Ginger

                                                   Name: Paul Galiba     

                                         Location:  Montréal, QUEBEC

                                   Brand Name: "ASANA LION ROUGE"

                                   The Rebirth of Asana Lion Rouge 

                      "Great health is next to holiness, Holiness is God" 

in·gre·di·ent noun \in-ˈgrē-dē-ənt\

: one of the things that are used to make a food, product, etc.

: a quality or characteristic that makes something possible

The problem 

On top of making you sick, soda also makes you stupid.  Generations have embrace the story of the corn syrup and have perished for believing a lie. No more care, and love in the making of a beverage, it all machine made, highly process and soul-snatching. 

The solution I

We want to share and tell the story of

  • Art & how it can improve your mood,
  • Honey & how it can better your health,
  • Ginger & how much of a supperfood it is,
  • and the craftsmanship behind the making an Asana Red lion,
  • Holy Ginger Honey Beverage.

A bit of History

Ancient Egyptian food recipe for Cleopatra's favourite treat: sweet honey deep fried dough balls similar to loukoumades and pomegranate seeds

Ginger was brought across the Red Sea by Arab traders and sold to both the Greek and Roman civilizations

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was fond of ginger. She is given the credit for the appearance of the now famous ginger bread men seen at Christmas time

The Solution II

A beverage base on the use of 2 superfoods ginger and honey. It has proven it's health benefits over the past 2000 years, it has been used by every single civilization from the romans, to the Greeks, to the Egyptian. The recipe has been passed on from generations.  It's freshly made every week, it can last up to 30 days, it's great for your health, it boost you immune system, detoxifies the body and enhance digestion. Every bottle is covered in art work to enhance your mood, so you can "drink the art" and have an Artful healthy & happy life :) 

The Art of Fine Ginger drinking ...

What is used in the craftsmanship of an ASANA Red Lion Holy infusion?

It starts with water, secret water, jealously guarded by a flock of icebergs. The water is so pure; we call it “virginity” water. Only Icebergs hunters are given the privilege to chase these giant whales of the sea and capture their precious blue gold. Question yourself neophyte? Where can you find such water, better yet where can you seek this blue liquid gold? Who would you ask, how would you get there…

Lemons are sweets and limes are sour, when the devil was driven out of the Garden of Eden, on his left footprint grew a lemon tree and on his right footprint grew a lime.Lemons and limes are the panacea of great health…

Think about everything you’ve been drinking for the past years, has it made you healthier? Has it made you life happier? 

How do we feel when we see legions of children, our children popping soda can, being diagnose with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, not being able to make the difference between a broccoli and an asparagus.

Good New We can change that ... your health, the planet health and more 

 ¼  Asana Lion Rouge  So Artful, So  Healthy ... you feel it …

          ¼  Asana Lion Rouge  So Artful, So  Healthy ... you feel it …

A short story ...

Paul is a common soda drinker. He drinks it all day long, from breakfast on his way to work, to lunch with friends and sometimes at diner with family when he’s back from work. Over the years, soda has brought Paul a lot of happiness, but has also brought his family a lot of sorrow when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One day, on his way back from the hospital, Paul decided that they had to be a better way to enjoy true happiness in a bottle, happiness that would come from nature itself.  No more after taste, no more corn syrup, no more disease, no more pain. Little did he know, he was walking on the answer, Paul had stumble on a garden filled with flowers of all shapes, forms and colors.  He could hear a few bees at work buzzing to bring in the sweet honey. He also realized that some plants had no flowers and as he reached out to pull them from the soft soil, he saw huge roots of ginger pop out. Eurêka I have found it, why no combine two super food ginger & honey and have a happy positive impact on health and on earth. In the search of coming up with the best soda, Paul actually created the most healthy ginger honey beverage with a taste and flavor that is all pure, all natural &  all authentic. 

Answers ... to the first set of questions ...

The assets I will acquire

I need to be in farmer’s market, health stores and yoga studios.

The Human Resource I will contribute

I have to make the juice and sell it for now, ultimately I need a small scale copacker that will make the juice in small batches (handmade) and people or stores willing to sell it and make a commission on each sale

My customer is someone who cares about their health, the planet’s health and the food they eat. They live an active life whether it’s yoga or fitness. They enjoy art. They also love ginger. When they buy from me they get three things 1 their health. They get pure authentic ginger juice with no artificial flavor, no vanilla, no mint. We keep the recipe simple and flavorful with artesian water,honey, ginger lemons and limes. 2 the planet health we try to source locally as much as we can, when we can’t we go for fair trade suppliers. So you know you are supporting either your local economy or farmers around the world that care about the planet in the way they grow their food. 3 people health we would like to give access to water by giving a percentage of our profits to building wells.  So they is positive impact on your health, positive social impact on the planet and profitability for the planet.

The hard part is build the brand by getting the farmers market to buy my products, spread awareness about the benefits of ginger and honey, make it remarkable enough for the story to spread through word of mouth.

The unique part is the ginger recipe, the art on the bottle, which ideally we would want it done by local artist or customers thenselves. 

The business model is this … buy ingredient wholesale, make the juice, have artist paint the bottles, filled the bottle and sell it wholesale to yoga studio, farmers market and health store.  Repeat, build measure learn, Repeat we hope to make mistakes fast & cheap.  …

This works very well for GINGO the competition, they are in over 30 different stores. 

We buy the ingredients wholesale from different stores, we then make a batche. Each batche of 3 liters makes 4 bottles of 750ml costing $21.50 each, the small bottles of 330ml cost $8.00 each. 

Lesson 2 I am an Entrepreneur 

                  Relentlessly hire people to delegate work to

Yes we want to hire the best and brightest, the A players but how do you do this when you have a small tribe of 10 (an growing) and you have very little money. Well let’s start by defining the people we need to hire for …

The handmade juice team: they prepare the small batches of juice every week… from buying, cherry picking the best ingredient, slicing cutting, shredding squeezing and pouring in to glass painted bottle.

The sale team: they contact local health store, farmers markets & yoga studio to sell batches wholesale

The video team: they post cool though provoking 2 – 3 minutes video about health, our company & vision,

The cash team: they keep us up to date on sale, where we are and where we need to be to maintain positive cash flow

The art team: they source are that has generate positive feedback and gather artist to paint bottle for name recognition and money if possible

So now I will work on a plan to bring the great teams in. I was really thinking 2 per team.

 Give yourself a promotion so you are constantly doing work you're unable to hire anyone else to do

I will oversea the team as a whole …

Build an organization that has the cash flow to permit you to do those two things.  This is why I want to emphasize the made to order model, as much as possible and the sale through hot account, by hot I mean accounts that are doing a great job at storytelling and selling Red lion 

Lesson 3 

Do you need money for this business? YES

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Yes

Profitability?  Yes

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?

Asset #1 On a low end, we can rent a commercial kitchen by the hour, as demand grows, we can rent by the month. It makes no sense to invest 100K in a brand new commercial kitchen.

Asset # 2  our own small scale beekeeping farm of 500 beehives. I would also want us to produce our own queens.  We can sell our honey& wax.

Asset # 3 Our recipe which we will never sell

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?

We want our just in time delivery for the raw ingredients to be base on the order we receive daily. So as order grow, the company can grow. The company can see profitability within the third batch.

Do you hope to sell this company? No

When? No

For how much? N/A

What is the gross margin of what you'll be selling? $18.77

How long will it take you to reach scale? 120-150 days

Given all this, and what you learned in the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Amateur funding

Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available? We have three objective offer health art & happiness in a bottle, work with green suppliers local, before national, give back by giving access to clean water to kids in Africa.

lesson 4

In this part of the 7-part plan, you're going to commit (not just describe, but commit) to what your human resources look like.

         Who are the first employees you need? Sale People & Recipe makers

         Where will you find them? Distillery shop, brewery plants, restaurants culinary school 

         Why would they join you? To build a lasting brand, provide healthy beverage to people that need it, sustain the planet, make a difference while taking advantage of opportunities,

         How will you tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones? The work they have done,

         What's your funnel?

         After hiring people, how will you evaluate them? People will create projects in real time, and we will see the results in real time. The more engage customers are the better.

         How long after starting will you give people a formal review? 60 -90 days

         What's your approach for talking about the uncomfortable? Address is head on !

                  Are you asking people to do work that's been done before, or to explore the edges of a new universe? Yes work that has been done before but better, and always always always explore the edges … 

lesson 5 

The name has been found after foinf through the exercise

ASANA(whisper) Lion Rouge

lesson 6


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