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Marin Sotirov

Web designer



Lion Logos

Well since my astral sign is lion, what better?

I wanted to start with the logo with negative space cause this is what is truly amazing about logos. SO here I drew a bunch of sketches kinda like the one to the right of the ghost image.

And since I am truly insipired by your amazing work I had to do a lion leaping logo. So here are some concept designs (obviously I was influenced by your work)


Further exploration of the shape, this time trying to make it more geometric.


So here are some more sketches exagarating the leap. Art direction by @George Bokhua

I also wanted to try putting some action in the mane, too.

UPDATE#2 / 2/18

Did some more sketching on the negative lion

UPDATE / 2/19

Ok so in the last set of sketches, I think I lost the 'lion' and it kinda looked like tattoo (lion+dragon?!) so I wanted to go a step back and try to bring the lion back, also I kinda dont like the mane so much, it doesnt say 'lion' so I went experimenting with shapes and lines... I like where it is going.. :)

#UPDATE 2/20

[TESTING] Hmm very quick raster silhouette preview of the negative lion

UPDATE #2  / 2/20

I am not sure if I am making the shape too complicated. I like the simplicity of the one above, yet I am not sure if it represents the pose good enough.. so here are some other explorations of the body...

UPDATE #3 - 2/20

First export to vectors of the leaping lion


OMG I just realized how Punk this lion become haha - > EDIT!

UPDATE#2 / 2/21

I am not sure what I am doing after all those drawings, I don't know if it feels right or not...

I'd love some feedback and suggestions!:)

Amazing work, once again! Bravo for the lesson!


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