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Lion Logo

First of all, thank you to Fraser for his expertise and willingness to teach.

Coincidentally I came across this class the same day I listened to the episode of Adventures in Design that you featured on, so I felt compelled to take part in my first Skillshare project.

Here goes.

Profile shot of a reference lion statue.

I decided to focus just on one half of the face instead of trying to capture the tilted look that the reference statue shows.

This project has been another great lesson in refining. It is a hard lesson to learn but it has helped me a lot in my more recent work. You can see how rough this earlier concept is. 

I made up a team name and threw some quick type together just to see how it sat. 

I am really happy with the final result - what does everyone think?

It's been great to see Fraser's process in logo design. I will definitely be using some of these tips and techniques in upcoming projects. Thanks again Fraser!!!


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