Elijah Powell III

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Lion Logo

I decided to do a lion but I wanted to stray from the reference photos provided. I decided to search for a few reference photos and I came up with these.

I drew a rough sketch.  (A REALLY rough sketch)

Then I went into Illustrator and drew out the basic lines.

After I got to this point I was like, HOLY CRAP! I might be able to pull this off!

I decided from this point that I needed to print out what I had and actually draw over the lines I made in Illustrator.

This is what I came up with.

Once I cleaned up the lion sketch I found it much easier to vector it in Illustrator.

After drawing half the lion and flipping it I came up with this.

I added some color to it but now I am tring to figure out if I should stop or add more details.


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