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Lion City, Singapore.

Hey guys, I'm Zac, known as zacspicy.

I'm from Singapore, a small country in Asia and I've been shooting for the past 6 months. 

My edits has always leaned towards a darker edit, occasionally playing with color splashes. 
I am really glad to be able to be a part of this project, so here are my photos. 

1. Street Portrait 

Framed my shot in the intersection of 2 paths, and got a man walking pass right in the center.

The man was slightly blurred due to the sacrifice of shutter speed at night, but it was still a great effect as it shows the hustle he was having.


2. Motion Blur

This photograph was taken at the regular bus stop in Singapore.

Absolutely loved how the man in red was hustling towards the bus that is stopping, with his feet totally sharp. The other man on the right that was completely sharp was definitely a bonus to this photograph, in my opinion.


3. Look Up

Taken from one of the hotel lobbies in Singapore, the architecture of the hotel caught my attention and I figured I definitely have to get a shot of it.


4. Night Shot

Taken at night, this photograph shows a cyclist with 2 light sources. The first light source was from the helmet he was wearing, and the lower light source was from his bicycle. 

Loved how the light reflected on the ceiling of the underpass.


Instagram: zacspicy


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