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Link's Winter Wonderland/ Lake Hylia Secret Santa Gift

I've always wanted to be an illustrator for a 3d Legend of Zelda game, so I thought I would pretend I'm creating artwork for nintendo and make a winter wonderland scene ^^ I'm very excited to test my skill so this! Here's goes!


Here's the sketch! Going to color it pretty soon, but I'm thinking of making two versions of this; one that has Link and one that has a more generic character so the art can be submitted into contests without having copyright issues.

Still not sure on what color to do the sky/ if I want it to be a gentle snowstorm. Definitely want the frozen waterfall, igloos, and pine trees. We'll see.

Whoo! Got the colors down and this is actually going better than I thought, nice! Didn't have as much trouble with the colors, but thank goodness for reference photos. Can't believe I used to be so stubborn about not using reference photos, but man I can get the details down so much better now using reference photos.


Is it obvious that I used Link and Epona as references in this photo? I'm making my first copy be the one with the generic character, hehe but I couldn't resist adding some similarities between Link/Epona and the generic character :P


Hmm I've been working nonstop on this and tried finishing it, but it's not nearly as detailed as I normally paint art. Guess I'll have to work harder :P Add I'm wondering if I should rethink this whole super saturated color scheme. I'm probably going to tone it down slightly at least. We'll see how this goes!


I ended up making the winter wonderland just a speedpaint. Long story short: I'm not really motivated to continue the winter wonderland thing. But I'd still like to make something that I can call "finished" so I'll be uploading a secret santa thing I'm making for someone ^^ I'll be drawing lake hylia lakebed temple entrance, with zora link and stallord sinking to the bottom.

The more I make art, the more I realize how important it is to watermark images of my paintings. I put my internet name on this not to promote myself (although if that happens, awesome!), but to prevent others from stealing/ claiming credit for work that I did. I hope I'm not breaking a skillshare rule doing this (I want to say there was a rule about this, but I can't remember that well...)


Tada! I tried out a few other effects as well as a few others that I learned in this class, such as radial blur and having some things closer than other things. I'm going to keep coming back to this class and making art based on what I learned here, this class is just too cool to just learn and forget! Going to rock this class forever!


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