Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn (LUdbMD) and the Artist

Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn (LUdbMD) and the Artist - student project


Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn (LUdbMD) and the Artist - image 1 - student project

It is difficult to classify me into one category of music.  I get excited over so many different styles of music that they infuse in me when I'm creating music.  My style is definitely unique from any other.  I have been told that my style could offer the industry a new perspective and could possibly introduce the next genre of music to the world. 

Just this past November, I was asked to perform at a non-profit drive in DC and I performed two of my original songs.  Well, the reviews were surprisingly awesome and inspiring.  I am so ready to push forward to reach my true and full potential as an artist and to give my fans what they have been awaiting. 

There's no question about it.  I'm not stopping and it will be a pleasure for you to accompany me on that journey....Journey of pure music love.  I can't stop...I just got started. ~Music and Me (Chaquis Maliq)

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"Bringing the Yellow Pages to Entertainment" 

Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn (LUdbMD) and the Artist - image 2 - student project

Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn (LUdbMD) is an industry directory envisioned by an artist that is designed to link together in one location independent and major entertainment businesses as well as surrounding businesses that cater to the industry and organizations that create positivity within our communities. It is intended for all genres and skilled professionals in the independent industry.  We are still trying to connect with various artist that are not within the urban genre, because the goal is link the entire indie connection together for easy accessibility.  

Unfortunately, there is impeccable talent and works of philanthropy that barely get recognition, great music that barely gets radio play and venues that are so uniquely and beautifully designed that create the almost perfect atmosphere for the perfect event that not many know about.  It is also evident that there are many fields in the industry that are not recognized, but are needed to complete that perfect project.  Sometimes they are just hard to find unless you are well connected.  Should we not mention any out-of-town spur-of-the-moment projects?  Why should you have to search endlessly around the Internet to find what you are looking for?  Let's face it, visions are never one-sided because not one of us is created the same.  Neither are our visions.  There are still many people that believe the mainstream industry harbors the best talent and if the artist is not mainstream, then they are not worth the time.  What they fail to recognize is that an artist starts out small before coming big and they have to be great to even become big.  The only difference between starting out and actually arriving is the work put in, the networks connected, and the funding obtained.  LUdbMD is anxious to show the world where all the talent really is.   

Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn collects data pertaining to a list of categories within the independent entertainment industry and businesses that cater to or are linked to the independent entertainment industry.  Just as well as any business and organization that focuses on upgrading communities for better livelihood.  The data is collected and maintained on the Website  Although, the site is presently being re-designed, you can visit the site through!__preview temporarily.  


The Facebook and Twitter page was just the beginning.  The Website is expected to take Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn to unknown heights. 

The artists are hungry. They need and desire a platform where they can be noticed.  They need and want to work.  I have searched the Internet for a site that offers a collection of every field of art and talent within the art and entertainment industry.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find one.  Sure there are sites designed to be an in-depth source to help the talented find jobs or to list some of the categories they feel are of more importance.  Some direct you to schools to find what they think you are looking for, but none are designed to list every field imaginable from state to state, or internationally for that matter.  If you find one, please let me know.  Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn is not a job site.  It is a DIRECTORY where any independent talent can be listed.

You will find talent from various fields linked to LUdbMD on the page of Neosoul Eclectic Sapphire (that's me).  Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow me to separate the two pages.  So many are flocking to Neosoul Eclectic Sapphire more than they are to Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn's page which is  They believe both connections are the same.  I have also noticed that the more I post from my Facebook page that sends the post as tweets to my Twitter page and the more I send messages individually, I get more responses.  That observation tells me that once LUdbMD is able to afford assistance, the site will grow fast.  We can also be found on YouTube at

There are future plans to add pages for actors/actresses, models, dancers, and photographers.  They will be in creation after the database is designed.


The categories listed on the Links Connection page that directs viewers to and through the Link Directory database are:

  1) Advertisement/Media

  2) Actors/Actresses

  3) Beat Masters

  4) Comedians

  5) Deejays

  6) Designers (Fashion/Set/Textile)

  7) Chefs/Catering Services

  8) Clubs

  9) Directions

10) Engineers

11) Entrepreneurs/Organizations

12) Event Hall & Lounges

13) Event Planners & Promoters

14) Film Production

15) Fine & Visual Artists

16) Graphic Designers

17) Journalists & Writers

18) Management

19) Models

20) Music & Video Production

21) Musicians (Session/General)

22) Performing/Recording Artists & Poets

23) Philanthropists/Politics

24) Photographers

25) Producers

26) Radio & TV Broadcasting

27) Sports

28) Stylists (Fashion/Hair)

There may be more categories needed, but I'm hoping visitors that notice will chime in. 

I have been networking with a few booking agents and promoters that are interested in bringing new talent to a new foundation.  I recently was asked to bring in talent for an event which turned out to be a success.  It was so successful that we plan on doing Part II as soon as everyone's schedule is a bit light.  I was handling everything, even the videography and photography.  I now have a videographer/photographer and am seeking another.  I also have a Internet TV channel that I would like to keep busy.  As you can see, I have much planned for Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn.  I just need to find new ideas on how to get the word out there and to get some motivated enough to ride along with me. 

Even though the site is under renovations, I plan on having a few new things in order before bringing it back live.  The directory is the main attraction and real purpose the site.  I need to have at least, but not limited to, 100 links in the directory, a few more interviews completed, new music and videos, and ads from those linked to the directory to bring attention to those who are expected to use the directory.  For example, I would like to have ads from producers to place on the Performing/Recording Artist and Poets directory listing and audio engineers to advertise on the Clubs, Event Hall & Lounges, or Music & Video Production Directory listings.  I am preparing to offer ad design service as well.  

Again, Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn is not just for urban artists.  It was actually created for various genres (hint: Links United), but I seem to have only been in contact with African American or R&B/Neo-soul artists.  That is expected to change from the restructuring.  The sites purpose is to enlist the indie industry which means no category can be isolated.  So my goal will also be to reach as many genres as possible to bring a more diverse audience to the site.  I am always invited to an event.  My events invite is never empty, but there is no way I can attend even half of them.  I am going to need a team to attend events with a videographer to capture the moments to spotlight on the site and also a team of writers to supervise the interviews.  Preferably writers that have a passion for the category that they are writing in.  For example, since I am not really into much rap, I would need someone that is a rap fanatic to cover all the interviews and events surrounding that category.  

Simply put, my vision is going to need funding to jump off right and to keep going.  I desire a team that is going to enjoy what they are doing and stick around doing it.  So promoting Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn to the fullest is going to be the key to a foundation presented by an artist for the artist displaying independent talent everywhere. 

Links United....Get it now?  



Malinda Dawn
CEO/Owner ~ Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn