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LinkedIn Video Profile - showing off what I do

Hi there!

I'm a mom of two little girls and a movie enthousiast since long. I'm trying to 'find myself' and my passion through my small business right now. This video is a part of that search - I'm trying to find what is it that I can do for other people with video that would help them and solve problems for them. So far I concentrated on families, who had a big change in their lives, and made movies about and for them.

The LinkedIn video profile idea came from a friend who's a reqruiter and I made one - and next week I got this class in the mailbox ;-) Funnily I did everything like it was explained (enjoyed the course a lot!) and I thought I'd make a profile video for myself as well, to show off what I do for others. In addition: I never had an education about film making, I learned everything myself.

I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you see something to be improved. Be gentle tough, I'm sensitive :-D


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