Lingualeo - student project

Heuristic evaluation: Lingualeo


  • Lingualeo is a convenient, effective and free service for learning English.
  • Here you can find audio and video materials for every taste - movies, dialogs, texts, clips. 
  • This is a set of 25 tables, in which the entire grammar of the English language is collected.
    The tables are divided into three levels: "Beginner" (1-11 table), "Advanced" (12-15 table) and "Expert" (15-25 table).
  • Some of programs from the category "Beginner" are available free of charge.

Lingualeo - image 1 - student project


  • Pleasant and responsive service design.
  • A lot of training.
  • A large collection of materials.
  • Convenient mobile application and plug-in for the browser. 

Lingualeo - image 2 - student project


  • Not suitable for children.
  • Not suitable for in-depth study of the language.
  • There is no joint online game-training with other users.
  • Many questionable lessons at a high price.
  • There is no possibility to communicate with native speakers.
  • Technical support does not help in solving problems, even with a paid profile.
  • Some of training is paid on the site can be free of charge on Android.


1. Many people do not understand the content of the proposed courses. Maybe the first lesson should be free for any course at any level. This will help the student understand the content of the chosen course.

2. I was confused one thing: Brainstorm exercise from Trainings is premium feature on the web, but is freely available on Android. Maybe due to differences in code bases, but might leave users confused about the functionality they are purchasing. It needs to be fixed!

3. Need to establish the work of technical support.

4. Develop courses for in-depth study of the language. For example, increase the number of lessons in grammar.

In conclision, Lingualeo is a great helper, but It is only a tool for learning a language that after some kind of correctin can become a wonderful and indispensable service for study English!