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Lines from NPR and Grade School

How inspiring is Shantell?! This class.... THIS CLASS!! I wish everyone could take it. I love when she asks how it's possible that anyone can't do this thing that all of us could do when we were 5 years old. She is so chil, comfortable, relaxed. 

So I tried to embody that, just be ok with everything that comes out. I don't know if you've listened to the NPR podcast Invisiblilia, the episode on psychology. This drawing exercise was almost like when they talk about cognitive behavioral therapy where you recognize that your thoughts are just thoughts, little electric pulses, and they are arn't good or bad, they just are. You can listen to them or not. But no matter what, they are there. 

You just draw and let it come out. It's pretty sometimes and othertimes it's not, but it's there. It is definitely on that paper and you can work with it if you want to. So just chill out about it, and draw. 

I did the drawing to music exercise while she was teaching the drawing to music exercise. 'If you can draw stickmen, then draw stickmen, but draw so many stickmen that they are YOUR stickmen.' I don't know if I'll recognize them anywhere, but they're here. 

This line fill pattern in the last drawing is something I used to draw on my paper bag textbook covers in grade school. I had forgotten about it entirely until I relaxed in this exercise and then... there it was, taking up the space :) So much fun to rediscover something small like that in such an exploratory organic way. 

Thank you Shantell

like, for real, THANK YOU


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