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Lines, Letters and More Letters.

OCTOBER 1, 2013.

Officially I am finished the class, gave my feedback etc. Have I said it enough time that I LOVED this class. It was very easy to follow. The main thing is practice. So stick with it! 

The goal of the project was to create your own calligraphic alphabet to use - I have "established" three variants of my own writing to use with my pen and ink. I am very happy with how they turned out. Especially since this is my first time ever (september 25) using pen and ink- I bought it about two weeks before class started and tried it out and I was so upset.

Anyway- here are my final three ideas for writing. Of course with Calligraphy you are never quite finished, there will always be new styles to explore and new techniques to try.

*MOLLY, I am hoping you will do a class with gouauche techniques for us newbies to help us more on calligraphy journey :)

OH YES, and of course I have to work on my splotching, spattering, and inking up lol- Sorry they are sideways... 


Sept. 25. 2013

Getting ready to sit down and start with the basics... lines, lines and more lines. once I've filled my page, I will definitely add photos :)

Hope you are enjoying this new class too!

Feeling out my pen- I've had it for a few weeks, but literally have been able to do nothing more with it then try something a curse at it...

I'm having some difficulting getting a nice clean stop line at the bottom- any suggestions?

a page of practice makes progress :)

Still figuring out how to hold my pen in a way that feels natural to me :)

YA, WHOA this stuff takes lots and lots and lots of practice...

The hazzards of pen and ink :) anyone else's thumb looking like this? I'm not even sure how I managed this.

Cheerio! Can't wait to see all of your projects!


September 27. 2013

Practiced again yesterday, all of the letters of the alphabet- my own handwriting, just getting use to the pen still. I am having some issues with the upswing- it's shaky and sometimes the pen catches- I am using Pro Layout Marker paper at the moment- because the Bond pad was 25$ here- crazy- But I think I am going to pic one up this weekend (just seems like a lot of $ to practice on- lol)

Anyway here we go:

So lots and lots of floating letters.

That's all for now folks ;)


Sept 28. 2013

HUNT 101 (Love this Nib) 

So I changed my nibs. I thought I broke my previous one  (HUNT 512) (is it possible to use a nib so much that it just kinda shorts out - i know, tech talk for an ancient art- ha! - but seriously- It stopped holding the ink after awhile- was I putting too much pressure on it?

ANYWAY- so happy it did, because I trotted off to the art store and picked up some new nibs. basically they are all a buck, so I bought 1 of every one they had on hand.  I found one I love. Here are some results!

I found that I love, love LOVE LOVE nib: Hunt 101. i. mean. L.O.V.E. it.

Oh yes, and on another note, I am keeping track of what I do on what day (so I date all of my practice sheets and write which nib I am using. I'm hoping to see progress!) lol


anything I can think of while practicing.

Words to the wise.

normal, spread out, squeezed together.

playing around:

Oh everyone is getting a handwritten christmas card this year!

feeling like things are coming along. of course I can see my own handwriting coming through this process... anyone else finding that? even if you try to copy the lettering perfectly, I still see a little bit of me. I like that!

Hunt 101. Told you I love this nib ;)

Sent this note to the hubby via text:

practice makes progress: Dated and labelled :)

I tried out all of the nibs that I bought last night- I wrote a little description of what I thought of each of them to keep on hand, Of course I will do an alphabet with all of them to get the feel eventually :)

Can't wait to see your practice!



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